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    Promoted Artists

    June Promoted Artist:
    Name: Salman Aditya
    Album: Discography
    Genre: //
    Country: Indonesia

    Salman Aditya is a Bandung, Indonesia based Solo Project music form Bandung,Indonesia formed in 2009. The music is compose by Salman Aditya. He plays his music live with help form his friends.

    Salman Aditya Pop Eccentric mix elements varied from influences of Rock & Roll to Afrobeat to Electronica and indie Pop.

    Previously promoted artists:
    odaxelagnia - Discography
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    Conditions to be promoted by Addicted to group:
    1. At least one of your band's album has to be free for download on
    2. You must have account on to contact me and be member of this group.

    I think that's all, just send private message with informations :)


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