• New Year

    2. Jan. 2013, 9:58 von Froggl

    I wish all the members in this group a happy new year ,a good time and luck all around .
  • Today LastFM has tried to sink us. Please lend artist and group support here.

    12. Apr. 2010, 22:14 von vjsupersaint

    Please click on the picture. To read what we think. And please help us. By lending us your great support. Thank-You.

    3. Apr. 2011, 23:35 von ana_serapiao

    Summer night city
    summer night city

    Waiting for the sunrise
    soul dancin' in the dark
    summer night city
    walkin' in the moonlight
    love-makin' in a park
    summer night city

    In the sun I feel like sleepin'
    I can’t take it for too long
    my impatience slowly creepin'
    up my spine and growin' strong

    I know what's waiting there for me *o*
    tonight I'm loose and fancy free *o*

    When the night comes with the action
    I just know it's time to go
    can't resist the strange attraction
    from that giant dynamo
    lots to take and lots to give
    time to breathe and time to live

    Waiting for the sunrise
    soul dancin' in the dark
    summer night city
    walkin' in the moonlight
    love-makin' in a park
    summer night city

    It's elusive call it glitter
    somehow something turns me on

    some folks only see the litter
    we don't miss 'em when they're gone

    I love the feeling in the air *o*
    my kind of people everywhere o/

    When the night comes with the action
    I just know it's time to go
    can’t resist the strange attraction
    from that giant dynamo
    and tomorrow when it's dawning
    and the first birds start to sing
    in the pale light of the morning
    nothing's worth remembering
    it’s a dream, it's out of reach
    scattered driftwood on a beach

    Waiting for the sunrise
    soul dancin' in the dark
    summer night city
    walkin' in the moonlight
    love-makin' in a park
    summer night city
  • My own top 100 since 1976....

    12. Apr. 2007, 9:48 von talkingmusic

    Fun to read your story about your own hitparade.
    I started in 1976, and my first number one was ABBA ofcourse....
    The first years I entered just the songs I liked from the Dutch top 40 and tipparade, but over the years I changed it completely.
    Ever since 1988, with Céline Dion and her Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi as the longest number one hit in my hitparade ever (16 weeks on number one) I however decided that songs could only enter if I possesed them actually on record single or album) which allowed me to also enter b-sides or non-hits.
    Josephine Baker was the first artist, who, though not in the hitparades anymore, could enter because I just bought her album.
    And with the entrance of internet I finally am able to get music into my hitparade that I don't own on album, but found thanks mp3 on internet (the first to enter that way was Carola. Living in Indonesia made it more difficult to ge the music I wanted to buy, and so I had to rely on internet at first.
    It also means that artists from other countries, who wouldnormally never made it into the hitparade, could enter now, and Titi DJ, the first winner of the International Song Festival "ASIA" made her introduction from out of nowhere straight on to number one.
    By these rules, also old songs/hits can enter.

    In the meantime I also have spin-off's. Since the first week of this year I have about 20 hitlists, most small like, the Indonesian top 10, Eurovision top 40, Soundtrack Album top 20, Asian top 25, Dutch-language top 20, Album top 20, French top 10, etc.

    And ofcourse, there is my top now, which I actually call my playlist top 100.
    It surprised me a little bit this week to see that Carola has finally hit the number one position there, winning from other favorites like Steps, ABBA, Linda Bengtzing, Idin and my favorite of the moment, Magnus Carlsson. I am looking forward to hear more about other people's hitlists!
  • My Mainstream-O-Meter!!! :)

    2. Mär. 2007, 16:16 von potis1980

    Makes an average of 158815.857143 listeners. The average has 502087.6 listeners, so I am 31.63 Mainstream. Take the test at
  • Friends Weekly Charts 18 Febr.

    24. Feb. 2007, 14:46 von talkingmusic

    it takes some time and some work, but it is quite interesting to see what everyone listens too.
    Most interesting is, that from 32 people, of whom many love Eurovision, only a few have the same artist on number one! Prooves how individual musical taste is, also depending on our daily mood.

    From 32 people, 2 have not listened to any music at all yet, simply cause they are new.

    There were two artists twice on number one : A*Teens and Mika.
    I haven't heard any music from Mika yet, so I am looking forward to hear some soon.

    The others were sometimes completely different. From Led Zeppelin to Jay Chou ABBA to Carola were some of the Eurovision Artists in the top.
    When I looked at the top 10 of all those friends however, there are two big favorites at the moment, namely Evridiki and Edsilia Rombley. That promises something for Eurovision 2007!
    Elissa who took part in the ISF Asia, was one of the few other exotic artists together with theSAMSONS from Indonesia.
  • Artist of the month

    6. Aug. 2006, 11:58 von talkingmusic

    It was very close. Carola got her songs played enough to be sure of a high ranking in the July list. She was the (first) "artist of the month" on my profile in June.
    Céline Dion got a lot of airplay as well, but ust enough to reach the first 3. The artist of the month July got a lot of airplay when I held my "Abba-night" playing music from almost all Abba's albums.
    No wonder that ABBA became artist of the month July.

    I choose a photo of their performance at the royal wedding in Sweden, where they sang "Dancing Queen" one of my all time favorite Abba hits.

    All 3 have in common that they won Eurovision, and both Carola and Abba are from Sweden.

    Who will be artist of the month in August? Don't know yet. I have planns to play a lot of 'old' music, but also quite some new music from Indonesia.
  • My second Album Top

    12. Jul. 2006, 20:21 von talkingmusic

    Well, the pictures may not all show in, but I have all the covers myself, so I have my own top 10 at

    Many new albums, Steps and ABBA finally hitting the album charts, with Frida Boccara joining them in the top.

    Now-Last WK- Name and Title

    1-NW Steptacular
    2-NW Arrival
    3-NW Un Jour Un Enfant
    4-NW Buzz
    5-NW Step One
    6-NW Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi
    7-1 The Voice
    8-NW Diva ha'Osef
    9-NW Xandra

    And finally the SUPERTIP for next week:

    Breezin' Along
  • ABBA night

    7. Jul. 2006, 14:24 von talkingmusic

    30 years ago I got my first pocketmoney, and during the same summerholiday my first -old- record player. My first thought was to buy a record but which one?
    Those years were the years that as a boy you couldn't openly say that you loved ABBA but I was sure, my first record would be one of ABBA and so I bought for the little money I had "Dancing Queen", the hit of the moment.

    Since that day, many records followed with ABBA, solo records of the girls, related material written by Benny and Bjorn, and ABBA covers by artists like Erasure and Steps

    Even Bono from U2 has made it clear that ABBA inspired them, and who doesn't have Madonna's "Hung Up" in his or her record collection.

    For me it is ABBA night tonight!!!