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musical web? 6°? how about: find even better music here at last.fm with these tools...

the master said to the apprentice:
listening to these tracks will lead you to the secret treasure (which the normal lastfm users won't see).
(2015 June 30)

All my tools have one goal: finding (new) users, bands or last.fm groups you'll like...
tools: here

thousands of last.fm users enjoy them (anonymized statistics)

read what others say about these tools:
- online media
- users

regular updates are ONLY done for users who display their personalized logo on their last.fm page! (aka: logo or no-go)
AND there's a rumor that wiki users get preferred

TOOLS overview:
- soulmates (most compatible users from your neighbourhood): tool (help) *
(reverse neighbour = a user who sees you in her neighbour pages)

- artist recommender: tool (help) *

various tools for last.fm groups here:
- last.fm group recommendations (takes as input: artists): tool (help)
- groups + their characteristic artists (creates a chart list): tool (help)
- group artist matcher (takes as input: last.fm groups): tool (help, demonstration)
- compare taste of group members: tool

- "on the fly" links for last.fm's scrobbler client or browsers
- hidden features @last.fm are no secret anymore

- view your last.fm statistics and/or tweet them
- backup your scrobbles (or change your username)

* you can see a LIVE example here:
radio stations + people from music industry (producers, DJs, promoters, labels, venues, blogs, magazines, ...)
-> missing: history, group recommendations, group artist matcher

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