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Editing song titles

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    • 27. Aug. 2005, 15:18

    Editing or merging song titles

    Allright... Let me start this off with an example.

    A few months ago, Kanye West's new single "Diamonds from Sierra Leone" first leaked. Back then, the title to the song was really unclear; some people called it "Diamonds are forever", others called it "Diamonds from Sierra Leone" and others just called it "Diamonds". The song appeared on various mixtapes back then and I listened to it plenty of times so the "Diamonds" entry already has been played something like 15 times on my profile.

    But now Kanye's new album dropped. I got it in the mail today, and I found out the official title to that song became "Diamonds from Sierra Leone". I ripped the album, tagged all mp3's up the way they're displayed on the back cover... But now my profile has 2 entries for one and the same song. I would love to merge the "Diamonds" entry with "Diamonds from Sierra Leone", but unfortunately for me, Last FM doesn't have a feature like that. Maybe that would be something nice to add for the future?

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