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Subscribe to recommended events

  • Subscribe to recommended events

    I can't get this to properly apply as a Google Calendar addition. The calendar is just blank. Any ideas?

  • Are you able to import the feed into other services e.g. Outlook? Can you let us know what browser you are using?

  • I can import to Outlook, but not Google Calendar in Firefox, Chrome, or IE. iCal to Google Calendar doesn't work either.

    • Marazouk schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 24. Mai. 2012, 8:18

    Cannot subscribe to my recommended events anymore

    I used to enjoy this feature and have all recommended events into my Google Agenda, now I can only have the events I'm attending.

    Indeed, lately I was viewing recommended events not in my city but in San Francisco. I decided then to unsubscribe to the calendar and do it all over again...

    However, I cannot seem to find the link to subscribe to my recommended events, could you give me a hand?


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