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  • Tony2Times

    Did anyone happen to rip a bootleg of the Bellowhead set off the radio? It went on for a short while after the TV show finished and I'd love to get more of their live stuff to listen to, especially as it has some songs from Matachin which I haven't been able to see as they seldom come to Scotland and I can't afford to fly down to see them for a fourth time.

    Juni 2009
  • marksw

    Well I only caught a short bit if the prom (on TV), but thankfully it was mainly Bella Hardy. I guess it was the second/later prom because Martin Simpson was on after her. This was the first time I've ever really stopped to listen to Folk, and I wish I'd had more time now! Bella has a truly perfect voice: amazing pure and enchanting. I only caught two of her songs, and enjoyed them so much that I ordered the CD off Amazon! I hope she it singing there next year - if so I'll definitely make an effort to get there!

    Juli 2008
  • pet-lamb

    Realllly looking forward to Kathryn Tickell, amazing to see her in such a big venue.

    Juli 2008