• MSF 2011 - My Report

    4. Jul. 2011, 13:04 von brambilla77

    Here is a short personal report of the 2011 edition of the Main Square Festival.

    1/ Musical Highlights
    - Arcade Fire hits first prize with this marvellous gig, the proof that entertaining bigger crowds does not need to be shallow at all! A true happiness medicine!
    - Portishead with an excellent performance! How uncomfortable to see Beth's stagefright enlarged on such a big screen... goosebumps to the bone!
    - Triggerfinger, our belgian rockpride conquering France in style with the help of a lot of belgian fans.
    - Warpaint: third time I saw them live, I really have weak spot for that kind of psychedelic dreamy music and for singer Theresa Wayman ;-)
    Other nominations go to Queens Of The Stone Age, The National, Eels, Elbow and I Blame Coco

    2/ Musical Disappointments
    - Tame Impala:, this impala was a bit too tame this time around. I have seen them do better...
    - Coldplay:, sorry guys but I don't get worked up about them even though they have few good popsongs the hype is hardly justified...