Yamajam Ginglik
Freitag, 22. Juni 2012

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Mit Plax, Filthy Fiction, Max Brydon und Eniz Menendez

Vergangenes Event
Freitag, 22. Juni 2012


1 Shepherds Bush Green
London W12 8PH
Vereinigtes Königreich
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Tel: 020 8749 2310
Web: www.ginglik.co.uk/

We’ll take you through an evening of funk and soul classics, old-school hip-hop bangers, the best of 2step & 4×4- both old and new, and some peak time house grooves and dusty boogie classics, with plenty of pianos and deep baselines.

Max Brydon
Disco house and boogie classics with some

Filthy Fiction
Bassy European house till the end, lot’s of big remixes and releases online.

This boy has been devastating dancefloors in West London and gunslinging Nottingham for several years now. Always a crowd-pleaser. Expect to hear garage, dubstep and house.

Eniz Menendez
Mr. Bangerang. Plays to the crowd and it’s no wonder that he’s been locked down by Outlook, Dimension and Hideout Festivals over the last two years.
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