Roy & The Devil's Motorcycle


Mit Roy & The Devil's Motorcycle, Three Day Weekend und Divisionists

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Dienstag, 17. April 2012


596 Holloway Road
London N7 6DL
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Roy & The Devil’s Motorcycle are a four piece from the middle of Switzerland. Legendary in their own circles, for the last 20 years they have gained obsessive fans, freaked out untold numbers and enjoyed most every Sunday playing together. The three brothers all play guitar and have somehow tapped into a powerful group psychic force of earth and fire. It’s solid but you can’t grab hold of it. Initially their influences seem obvious; old dust blues records, dirty garage rock, Spaceman 3, Link Wray, but dig deeper and their love of Lee Perry, Souled American, Neil Michael Hagerty, Red Krayola, Godz (amongst many freaky others) start to show.

The Alps are melting and the brothers are back on a short UK tour April 13th to 19th. They come to deliver you their third album, “Tell It to the People” released on the 30th of March 2012 on Voodoo Rhythm.

Divisionists emerged from a studio project, which became their debut EP, “we play rock music…”. They’ve been performing as a band for about a year. They are based in London and Reading, UK.
The lineup is:
Brendan Quinn - Guitar, Vocal
Rob McGregor - Drums
Mark Bennet - Guitar
Dominic Simpson - Bass

Brendan Quinn (Guitarist, Vocalist, Songwriter) has previously been a member of Abunai!, The Lothars, and Cloud Furnace. A member of the Terrastock family, he has performed in some form at every Terrastock except the second. He has played live as part of Ethereal Counterbalance (including members of Magic Muscle, The Bevis Frond, High Tide, The Only Ones, The Alchemysts, and The Lazily Spun), Jesse Poe’s Tanakh (w/members of United Bible Studies and Makoto Kawabata), as part of Bobb Trimble’s Flyin Lion, and separately with Barbara Manning, Carl Hultgren, and members of the Green Pajamas.

Robert McGregor (Drummer and bacon lover) has been in more bands than he can remember, most notably Godmuffin, Inch Blue, sulum, and The Midnight Rambler. He hopes to continue to add to this list till he either expires or transcends this existence for the next; though he has heard that these might be the same thing.

Mark Bennett (Guitarist), has previously been a member of Lights, and is currently a member of the ambient/noise collective, Slice.

Dominic Simpson (Bassist) has performed as a solo performer, and as a member of Fractured Waves. He is also an occasional music journalist.
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