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Mit The Doozer, The Homosexuals und Circulus

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Dienstag, 20. März 2012

The Drop

175 Stoke Newington High St
London N16 0LH
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Together We Can bring you a night of the unknown as three very different bands, lead by three distinctly unique individuals, all oozing an uncontrived originality and natural gravitation towards the wonderfully absurd, bring their shimmering sounds to The Drop.

The evening will begin promptly with a viewing of Circulus’ new short film.

Whether you think it all weird or wonderful is up to you. All we know is that from the start to the end, fascinate you is what we’ll do!

Special guests include:
The Doozer
Not ones for self promotion, The Doozer are probably one of the UK’s best kept home-grown secrets, despite having records released on Siltbreeze records (which brought us the likes of Times New Viking, US Girls, Pink Reason, Sic Alps and Naked On The Vague) and the Woodsist label (Woods, Ducktails, Matt Valentine, Moon Duo, Ganglians).

Writing for Arthur Magazine, respected music critic Byron Coley and Sonic Youth frontman Thurston Moore wrote „The Doozer actually seems to be one guy, and his playing partner is called Ben, but never you mind. Anyway, they have a new LP out on Siltbreeze called Great Explorers (the CD is on the UK Pickled Egg label) and it is a gas and a pleasure of great dimensions. The lazy man’s way to review it to call it a bridge between Syd B and Chris Knox, carrying all the weird damage and superb left field pop motion that implies. The earlier single, “Conversations/Stone Houses” (Doozer Industries) carried whiffs that are fully explored hereon. There is also an earlier LP on Pickled Egg, Sheet Music. We can’t lie and claim we’ve heard it, but there’s no way it’s not a stunner as well.“

The Homosexuals

The Homosexuals formed out of the ashes of The Rejects in London in 1976. They railed against „The Establishment“ controlling not only the media, but also the means of production and distribution as well. In 1977 The Homosexuals gave birth almost single-handedly to the D.I.Y./post-punk/art-punk squat aesthetic movement in London. The Homosexuals are still active, in the form of their creator Bruno Wizard. Working with a new generation of radical artists, Wizard is connecting like-minded conscious souls who never did and never will give up.

Marc Hogan of Pitchfork wrote that „The Homosexuals were, by all accounts, one of those late-1970s UK garage-punk bands that deserved to reach a wider audience alongside icons like the Sex Pistols, the Clash.“ Featuring at number 18 on Johan Kugelberg’s list of 100 „best“ DIY punk singles, The Homosexuals re-released a taster of some of their old recordings in 2004 simply titled The Homosexuals’ CD and received a review of 8.4 from Pitchfork.


The band use a mix of modern and medieval instruments such as the lute, cittern, crumhorn and rauschpfeife, along with the moog synthesizer, bass and electric guitars. Founder Michael Tyack claims to believe in fairies and pixies, and they have been known to play their live shows with the audience sitting on the floor.Circulus were featured in a two-page spread of an NME issue in 2005, and a two page interview in Terrorizer in 2006. Whilst in 2007 they were featured on BBC2’s The Culture Show as part of an item on the ‘new folk’.

Mojo magazine chose Circulus to cover „Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds“ for their 40th anniversary Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band tribute album, Sgt. Pepper…With a Little Help from His Friends, given away with their March 2007 issue.

Circulus are a band that have always attracted an array of critical acclaim:

Number 73 „The Lick On The Tip Of An Envelope Yet To Be Sent“
The Times Top 100 Albums of The Decade

„A deadly serious quest to rescue us all from the real dark ages - the times we live in… Britain’s leading nine piece medieval prog/folk/space/rock ensemble.“

„Unsettling, tear jerkingly beautiful and wonderfully refreshing“
Alexis Petridis – The Guardian

„…their sound is totally unique coming across like a mixture of medieval English folk, Fairport Convention and Ozric Tentacles. This album takes the band into melodic pop territory with some beautiful multi-part harmonies“
Rough Trade
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