Daylight Music - Wayside & Woodland Recordings

Daylight Music - Wayside & Woodland Recordings Union Chapel
Samstag, 7. April 2012

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Mit My Autumn Empire, El Heath und P. Manasseh

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Samstag, 7. April 2012

Union Chapel

Compton Terrace
London N1 2UN
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Tel: +44.(0)20 7226 1686

Daylight music is a dazzling idea presented by the Union Chapel to open up their amazing gothic venue to a shiny new daytime crowd and provide a rather exciting platform for artists. Produced by Arctic Circle and supported
by The 405.

FREE ENTRY midday - till 2.00pm

Wayside and Woodland Recordings is a new label based in Staffordshire, England –that will be bringing you debut releases, limited handmade CDRs, full CD recordings, compilations and vinyl.


My Autumn Empire

Under the name My Autumn Empire, epic45’s Ben Holton has been writing,recording and performing for almost a decade. Little recorded material surfaced prior to 2010′s The Village Compass, a collection of recordings made between 2005-2008 centered around the idea of life in a remote village. Far from being a dour, introspective record, the music conveys, in parts, a dreamlike state of self imposed isolation, while also dealing with loss on a personal and wider scale. The album was recorded in tandem with epic45′s May Your Heart Be The Map (2007), with Holton’s solo work sharing many of that record’s concerns and folk and dream-pop textures.

Holton is currently working on II, a radical departure from his previous work which is slated for release in Spring 2012.


EL Heath

Like a modern day romantic, EL Heath finds beauty all around him- in childhood memories; in the countryside around his Shropshire home; in early morning light and in dreams. It’s this beauty that provides inspiration for his music: he churns out song after song after song, barely finishing one track before he rushes onto the next. The world compels this man to make music.

And what music it is! It’s made using his vast arsenal of guitars, cheap synthesizers, toy instruments, circuit bent keyboards, field recordings and processed vocals and is always absolutely beautiful.

In lesser hands the kind of music Heath makes could meander along pleasantly, but he possesses that special talent of knowing exactly how to lift a piece to the next level- a subtle master of rhythm, melody and texture. We are extremely lucky to have him on our label.​elheathmusic

P. Manasseh

Paul Manasseh is an experimental musician based in the West Midlands who’s set to release his second album ANA in early 2012 on Wayside and Woodland. Aside from his solo work, Manasseh also records and tours as part of the Staffordshire-based ambient pop experimentalists epic45 and more occasionally, dub outfit 4Series. In contrast, his solo work is often recorded in isolation, crafting minimalist compositions that are an exploration of the way we see and interpret the world, an attempt to create sonic systems based on visual patterns and structures.

Touchstones for P. Manasseh’s recent work include the arpeggioed soundscapes of Emeralds and Mountains and the minimalism of Elaine Radigue or Pauline Oliveros. ANA is his first release for Wayside and Woodland Recordings.

plus Those Mountains DJ set
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